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Arts Center

I.                  Introduction to the Center

    The School of Humanities and Arts promotes culture, art, and research in art education, and incorporates resources and guidance in culture and the arts. The center was founded as a special assignment unit in accordance with the sixth administrative meeting of the second semester of 2005 and Article 10 of the Arts Education Act. On May 1, 2012, the school affairs meeting passed approval for a new culture and creativity group, as well as a name change to the Arts Center.


II.               Organization

(A)        The center is headed by 1 director who is responsible for general affairs; under the director are three subordinate sections: the education and research, exhibition and performance, and culture and creativity sections. Each of these sections is responsible for affairs assigned by the director.

(B)        Director

      Chang Hung-yi/Associate Professor of the Department of History and Geography

       Academic Degree(s): PhD from Chinese Culture University, Graduate Institute of History

       Specializations: history and culture, the European Renaissance, history and cinema, ancient Western history, history of world culture, history of Western culture, history of the United States, world history, audio-visual historiography, and public history

       Exhibition and Performance Section Head

       Fan Yi-shan/Assistant Professor of the Department of Visual Arts

       Academic Degree(s): Master’s Degree from National Chiao Tung University, Institute of Applied Arts

       Specializations: recording equipment, digital media, video editing

      Assistant Cheng Jing-long

     Academic Degree(s): Master’s Degree (MFA) from the Taipei National University of the Arts, Department of the Arts


III.           Duty

    Located in metropolitan Taipei, a nexus of information, culture, and transportation, the center incorporates educational research, exhibition and performance, and new cultural and creative industry topics from the School of Humanities and Arts; we engender in our students a character formed to culture and the arts. Our objectives and goals are as follows:


(A)        To encourage our students to participate in arts events and competitions

(B)        To participate in national Taiwanese arts center associations and provide a space for exchange among workers in the arts

(C)        To plan and hold both in Taiwan and abroad exchanges among workers in the arts and arts performance groups

(D)        To provide design and consulting services and assist with value-added services for arts products and workers in the arts

(E)         To conduct research and surveying for public and private institutions and establish a collaborative platform for industry and academia that incorporates applicable value and aesthetic economy